Hugo Rowbotham

Hugo Rowbotham

Brownstone Playhouse

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Hugo Rowbotham

 (Breukelen Row Family) 


( 15 inch doll)

 is a caring, doting, compassionate, he loves feather filled as comfort's the luxury  of home, a "quintessential" boudoir duck. 

Feather softness is his way of life. 
There is nothing like duck filled pillows, downs and feather mattresses, 
symbolizing "home sweet home". 

Hugo is a consultant of sorts regarding feathers  and everything boudoir. 

The fresh bed linens, comfy pillows and a warm bed,
what more could anyone ask for.

Hugo is not alone in the venture of boudoir expertise,
Stella Rowbotham  is the love of his life. 

Backpack: Hugo comes with a backpack, 
which turns into My Petite Maison sleeping bag.

Outfit: night cap 100% cotton
Characteristic: Loves to throw features in the air and create a disappearing act.
A logical excuse to find him sleeping in a nest of comfort.