Mr. Anansi

Mr. Anansi

Brownstone Playhouse

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Mobile:  "Mr. Anansi" Spider

He is the curious type, a trickster and in a class by himself.

He sets his sights on big ideas, but accomplishes nothing.

Too much work, he says........

I'd rather think about it!

He's always "hanging -around", and observing.

Mr. Anansi is simply looking for a friend.

Has he found that person?

Inspiration for this soft sculpture stems from
Stories such as:

Mr. Anansi
" Anansi the Spider: Tale from the Ashanti" 
(author/illustrator--Gerald McDermott)

Soft Sculpture, heirloom
Effortless hand stitching,
100% satin
*Articulated legs.

*Product is not a toy.
Handmade heirlooms are cut to order.  Allow 7 days for shipment
Cancellations must be made within 24hrs of the original order.

*Product shown in the photo are examples; all creations do not look exactly alike.
Our heirlooms are as unique as the customer receiving it.