People on the Move Dolls

Collection: "People On the Move"

Vintage inspired classic cloth dolls.

Inspiration for this collection are from artists:

(American Artist) Jacob Lawrence:

A series of paintings entitled " Great Migration".
Paintings documenting African Americans journey from the rural south, cotton fields, segregation, lawlessness and devastation of cotton crops leading to unemployment and migration to the big cities.

(Danish author) Hans Christian Andersen:

His influence on this collection is the children's stories such as;
The Ugly Duckling
The Little Mermaid
The Little Match Girl
to name a few.
Hans' stories constantly  address struggle, adversity and becoming the
victor in the end.
This figurative collection focuses on friends, family  and home.
The bold graphics contrasted with figurative imagery evokes vintage design for the contemporary child of the 21st century.
Classic cloth toys that tell a story.
The art of home and Family