Portable Brownstone Faune & Flora Toy House Bag

Portable Brownstone Faune & Flora Toy House Bag

Brownstone Playhouse

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Portable  Brownstone Faune & Flora

Toy House Bag

Pretend play on the go!

An adventure of nature and wilderness. 
Reminders of lush filled trees and the woodland.
Take of piece mother nature with you any where you travel.

This portable, house features of high relief, graphic, design trees.
Silk screen printing, decorative, header, windows, door and staircase.
Rich textiles embracing lush country landscapes.

When you are done playing , simply close the back flap shut.
This classic toy, makes an excellent gift any time of the year.
Or, simply a souvenir carry bag 

Your home is never too far away.
History & Home on the go!

Size: L- 10 in x W- 8 in x H-12 in
Faune & Flora
Storage space
Leather Handle

Shell: 100% cotton
Fill: 100% polyester
Spot clean only
Ages: 3 and up

Made in Canada

*Limited Edition
*(Car not included)