17 inch Custom Couture Rag doll

Brownstone Playhouse

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Custom Couture Rag Doll 

(17 inch)

Designing a couture rag doll, the possibilities are endless.

17 inch dolls are made of natural cotton  base.
They are accompanied with a Ma Petit Maison Brownstone pack back/bag.
This Petit Maison Brownstone also transforms into  a  sleeping bag.
 Home  and shelter are never too far away, as your little one goes on great adventures with dolly.

Stuffing used for all dolls are polyester hypo-allergenic stuffing.

Our couture rag dolls are approximately 17 inches.

Hair Yarn:
may vary as yarns are intermixed for texture and color nuance.
* Please specify the dominant color preference. * Yarn used is 100% wool.

*Hair /colors:
white,cream, light grey, dark charcoal, black, dark brown, light rown, light moss, mustard, navy, light blue, orange, cranberry red, light pink, plum.

 male  or female

Skin shade:
     oatmeal-cotton      brownstone brown-cotton.