"Charlie" Pull-toy

Brownstone Playhouse

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"Charlie" Pull-toy

This seasoned dachshund Uncle "Charlie"
is well acquainted with the neighborhood.
He also knows
where to go,
when snuggle,
how to be sweet
who to avoid.

A seasoned dog knows how to plan his walks.
*( Or should I say his owner, but I digress..)
A treat down the street awaits him.
Around the corner chez.....
Well, I shouldn't reveal all of his secrets.
After all there may not be any treats left.
Hmmm,  best to keep quiet and stick to his planned walks.
Oh, did I mention he has a name tag, 
for "Charlie", that's  me.
*(Yes, Charlie I know ......it's you......)
In case he wanders too far.


handmade embroidery details
dog tag & collar
wooden wheels

Freedom to sniff.......