Mama Featherlite

Mama Featherlite

Brownstone Playhouse

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Mama (Lily) Featherlite, 

(Breukelen Row Family) 

20 inch doll


 is a caring, tender, kind-hearted, pays great attention to detail,
swan and a gardener of sorts. 
Often thinking of new extracts and fragrances for her highly sort after perfume collection. 
She owns a Perfumery Boutique, 
created from the oil essential oils taken from her prized flower garden. 
The sweetest smells that take your breathe away.

Mama Featherlite is not alone for looking after the prized garden,
she is accompanied and supported by Fern Featherlite the love of her life.

Backpack: Fern comes with a backpack, 
which turns into My Petite Maison sleeping bag.

Outfit: Jumper, 100% cotton
 two side pockets. 
A matching sun bonnet

Family: The Featherlite Family
Mama: Featherlite