Pillow # 33 " People on the Move"

Brownstone Playhouse

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Pillow # 33 "People on the Move" 

inspired by this years collection 

 from two creatives:

(American Painter); Jacob Lawrence,
based on a series of 60 painting panels in 1940-1942 visually depicting the Great Migration (1915-1960) in America, as an estimated six million black southerns leaving the rural South escaping persecution. They migrated to the northeast seeking better living conditions and civil rights. Migration issues have been ongoing as early as the 20th century until present.

(Danish Author) : Hans Christian Andersen, known for his folk and fairy tales as well as his paper cuttings.  
(Fairytales: The Ugly Duckling, Princess and the Pea, Red Shoes, the Little Mermaid and more. 

Milady designer of Brownstone Playhouse has been inspired by Jacob Lawrence's color blocking and Hans Christian Andersen's  paper cuttings to create these graphic designs, soulful images, warm tones and fresh color palette.

This item was handmade.
The printing process was silkscreened with multiple image applications.

Cotton; 100%
Backing; Cotton Velvet ( Vintage Cranberry Rose)
Stuffing: Polyfill
Silkscreen/ water based pigment
Size: H14 in X W12in X D 2.5in